After Baby Un-Diet

I’ve been 3 years the Ranch Wife and twice a mommy in that time, so a lot of my energy has been focused on feeding my face and my growing family. After having RBII in June 2014, I got together with my friend Chef Kirsten Helle to create a video series in which we address the issues most of us face when it comes to putting healthy food and a healthy lifestyle together in the context of being a mom. I love all of the recipes she created and well, I love the results I’ve achieved by following her tips.

The “un-diet” philosophy has helped me get in better shape than I was before my last pregnancy and I’m maintaining my healthy weight and energy without dieting. Hate is a strong word, but I will use it to describe my feelings about two things – diets and Spanx. So if you feel like I do, even if you don’t have any post-baby pounds to address, I encourage you to check out the videos, recipes and tips from the After Baby Un-Diet series! Please post your feedback or questions in the comment threads of the blog or on YouTube. I’d love to know how the information and recipes have worked for you!

4 thoughts on “After Baby Un-Diet

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