IFBC Wrap Up + Another Beefy Brunch in Seattle

To finally wrap up my thoughts on IFBC 2015 in Seattle, it was all about spending delicious time with new and familiar food and friends. On day three, I hit up the WordPress session, because it never hurts to get tips and updates straight from the source. I skipped out on the cooking with hemp session. While interesting from a trend standpoint, my main focus is getting vegetables, grains, and protein into my toddlers, making it a little niche for my needs.

Instead, new friend Kita of Girl Carnivore fame and I took a field trip to visit Chef Nick at the new Skillet Diner location in Ballard. He stuffed us full of the most amazing brunch treats. My colleague Rob visited their Capitol Hill spot earlier that week, so I mashed up our eating experiences into a video: 

A video that will make you want to stop in to get you some of that! Seriously, it was memorably delicious. Plus it was a lot of fun to visit Chef Nick in his element after taking him on our annual beef production tour last year. His interest in learning about how beef is raised translates into a great deal of care in sourcing and preparing his dishes.


Be sure to subscribe to Kita’s blog to get, as you might expect, some seriously meaty inspiration!

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