International Food Bloggers Conference 2015: Day Two Highlights

I wandered into the Krusteaz cookie party. It was really festive. And crafty. And we know I leave that DIY madness to Jackie. She’s Pinterest in walking talking mommy life form. I tend to just clean out Party City’s Star Wars section when I need to decorate.

Photo Sep 19, 10 28 53 AM

So after a quick tutorial on how to make a disposable, decorative baby loaf pan you can find at Target into a sail boat for cookies, the lovely Leslie Kelly and I absconded with our cookies to Monorail Espresso for a delicious cup and a catch up. If I can do two things when I come to town — chat with cool, fun food people in person, and savor a super tasty cup of caffeine, I’m pretty satisfied with how I spent my time. Leslie has been influential in PNW food for years, writing about and covering food from Spokane to Seattle. She’s recently joined the team. And she’s just a lot of fun.

Photo Sep 19, 11 42 54 AM

Thanks for the cup Leslie! Monorail Espresso is the perfect pit stop for your downtown Seattle adventuring.

In the vein of spending time with cool food people in person, since the IFBC organizers rightfully cut everybody loose to sample the city for lunch, I led an excursion of local food bloggers to the beefiest brunch in Seattle. We UberXL’ed on up to Miller’s Guild to spend some QT with each other, some beef broth Bloody Mary’s and more where that came from. See what I mean:

The food was ah-mazing. And this crew of Seattle area based bloggers was a blast! I love how some of them have been following each others’ work for literally years from only a few miles apart, but it was this brunch adventure that brought them face to face. If you’re looking for some great food inspiration from right here in the PNW, subscribe to their sites:

Dang That’s Delicious 

Nutrition by Carrie

Try Anything One Culinary

Bobbi’s Kozy Kitchen

Wanna Be a Country Cleaver

First Look Then Cook

These people are doing some phenomenal things with food and delivering really helpful information to home cooks on the regular. Their passion for food and cooking and sharing the love with others through their blogs is awesome.

Also awesome, photographer Todd Coleman. We all know I have a ton to catch up on when it comes to good photography. I get my tips and tricks in where I can. And just like 2014, Todd’s presentation was a highlight for me. Because he’s honest. And always admits that it has more to do with trial and error and developing what works for you than it is about some fancy equipment or fancy training. This year he presented new work he’s doing in stop-motion. I am fascinated by stop-motion — the hybrid Minotaur bad ass love child of photography and video. The most helpful thing he did was create a typical set up he might use to create a stop-motion piece, so someone like me could procure the simple everyday items to set up our own. I can’t wait to film my first stop-motion medium rare steak!

Photo Sep 19, 12 21 47 PM

Lighting. Clothespins. iPhone. Food. That’s about it!

Later in the day, I even learned a thing or two about lamb, thanks to Jamie Peha, butcher Tracy Smaciarz and Chef Ethan Stowell.

Photo Sep 19, 3 46 04 PM

Avec wine, of course!

And when I thought I could think, talk, learn, and eat no more of the food, when I got back to the farm, Farmer Bruce was just pulling a Hanging Tender off the Traeger.

Photo Sep 19, 5 56 43 PM

And who can say no to Farmer Bruce?

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