International Food Bloggers Conference 2015: Day One Highlights

Holy smokes you guys, it’s October! That means quite a few things, but it always means one thing — Rancher and I celebrated another anniversary with steaks.

Photo Oct 02, 3 11 17 PM

I really appreciate our anniversary date (10/1/11) because I’m one of those people that isn’t good with remembering dates, no matter how important. But by virtue of it being the very first day of the month, it can really sneak up on me. It’s not until October, I think. I have awhile, I think. Aw crap, tomorrow is October! Which is one of the many reasons I love steak. It’s the go-to for special meals. And all I had to do was remember to pull a package (granted, never hurts to save primo cuts like this tenderloin for a special occasion) out of the freezer in the morning. There is no actual, possible way to make steaks, particularly something like a tenderloin overly time consuming or complicated. For real. If it took you 20 minutes, you overcooked, doh! I mean, there’s beef Wellington, but I’m an American from America and I just don’t care to do a bunch of fancy stuff to my steak. Moving on.

So wherever the heck September went, I don’t know. But the kiddos and I did go over to the west side to stay at the farm while I got my Seattle type work done. The main event – attending this year’s International Food Bloggers Conference (IFBC). As an active blogger attendee, I’ve agreed to write at least three posts about the conference, but all opinions are my own and I have not been compensated for writing about it.

Photo Sep 18, 2 05 18 PM

I think a conference like IFBC is different for everyone who attends, depending on their main purpose for signing up. For me, that’s attending sessions to learn new skills and stay on top of digital trends so I can have a spectacular blog, as well as see what other food brands are doing to inspire ideas for helping consumers do fun and delicious things with beef. I also went to meet some fantastic local food bloggers in person. You know, like face to face. In some cases, years after I first began following their blog. More on this in my day two post.

Day one for me was about visiting a Seattle based kitchen gadget company called Chef’n. I’m always looking for local companies doing cool stuff with food and food related products so I can feature beef in ways that are unique to our pacific northwest culture and what we have to offer around here.

Photo Sep 18, 2 26 20 PM

The Chef’n HQ is on 4th Ave right across from the C-Link, and they have a cool studio kitchen and outdoor patio where we got to know the company and their products after taking a quick tour of their facility. It’s always cool to learn about a company from the founder, and David Holcomb is an interesting dude with a colorful backstory. I loved seeing the evolution of his garlic processing products and I’ve used my new Garlic Zoom XL a few times already.

It really does work well and washes up in the dishwasher. And it looks like a Smart Car for your garlic. I removed the blade and gave it to my restless baby child while I was making dinner the other night, and she had enough fun driving it around to buy me the ten minutes I needed to get the food on the table.

Apparently there is another, recently legalized alternative use for this chopper that makes sales in Washington very steady. See, gotta love a fun behind the scenes look at a product we usually see hanging at the store in plastic and cardboard. It’s just a cool company with a great entrepreneurial story rooted in Seattle.

Photo Sep 18, 2 18 14 PM

I gave Jackie my Kale stripper thingy, because, well, I’m not stripping Kale any time soon and she’s all about that nonsense. But I am going to add the Pepper Ball to the foodie gift list I’m working on for the holidays. How beautiful are these? I’m not big on decorating, but I can totally get down with stylish decor that seasons my food.

Photo Sep 18, 2 04 42 PM

Look for my next posts about IFBC days two and three — where things get really beefy!!

Photo Sep 19, 4 57 51 PM

Other than, well anywhere of course, a food blogger’s conference seems like the right place to wear a beef nerd tee!

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