I’m taking the 30 Day Protein Challenge

There are probably at least half a dozen challenges I’d probably benefit from right now. For starters, I should get on the Put away the baskets of clean clothes before running out of baskets and don’t have one for the next clean load out of the dryer Challenge, the Fold the clothes out of the dryer in the laundry room to skip the laundry basket debacle Challenge,  and the Organize and de-clutter this distracting home/office so I can concentrate on this blog post Challenge. The challenges abound.

And I think we’ve covered, it’s not really my style to be all hardcore focused on anything that takes much of my time and energy away from just being the best for my family in this season where they need so much from me. So I can do this challenge because it will be more delicious than difficult, and it just builds on what I started with Chef Kirsten and  the After Baby Un-Diet. Let’s break it down:


+ Substantial research shows there are a ton of health benefits to eating a protein-rich diet. New research shows that spreading your protein intake throughout the day, to the tune of 25-30 grams each breakfast, lunch and dinner, may be the most beneficial way to consume it.

+ The 30 Day Protein Challenge provides everything you need to help you determine if you are realizing the benefits of protein in your diet. The calendar, daily e-mail tips, and the #proteinchallenge community are just a few of the free resources designed to meet you where you are with your current nutrition knowledge and protein intake.

Photo Apr 02, 5 24 00 PM

WHY this isn’t a diet, it isn’t like a diet, and it’s a short-term nutrition challenge that I want to participate in:

+ Like the Un-Diet, I’m only down if I’m learning stuff. More about nutrition, more about how I individually feel and perform when I make different nutrition choices. The purpose of the 30 Day Protein Challenge is just that — try to eat the optimal 25-30 grams of protein in each meal and observe how you feel. Less likely to get the 3pm hangries? Seeing more benefits from your exercise? Getting off the second helping at dinner train? We’ll see, right?

+ I absolutely believe that a protein rich diet is beneficial to me. If you follow my @ranchwifery world on Instagram, you see things like a pants-less toddler and steak & eggs. Proof that I need all the energy I can get, and I try to get it through eating high quality protein and a variety of nutritious foods from AM to PM (and coffee, duh). I’m looking forward to the daily tips, new recipes, and ideas for inserting protein throughout the day in a manageable, mom-life friendly way.

+ Honestly, I know I eat a fair amount of protein, but I don’t actually measure it, and I’m pretty curious how close I get to the 25-30 grams per meal with my current food selection and cooking style. Enter journaling:

protein challenge email day 1

I’m using the MyFitnessPal App (username Ranchwifery, let’s be friends!) to record what I eat and my observations.  Because I seriously hate paper. I am Dunder-Mifflin and Michael Scott’s worst nightmare. Despite that, I am printing the Protein Cheat Sheet and putting it on the fridge, because it’s just that handy.

This month, I’ll be blogging about my 30 Day Protein Challenge experience each week. The question now is, who’s with me?!?

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