5 Ways to Enjoy Corned Beef this St. Patrick’s Day!

Who doesn’t love a list? Especially a list filled with videos and images. Because it’s easy to read,even over a green cocktail, or a few! Here are my top five ways to give Corned Beef the love it rightfully deserves. It might take all month to get it all done. That is, if you consider all of March a month of Corned Beefy St. Pat’s revelry and fun. Which you should.

1. Corned Beef and Cabbage!

Photo Mar 06, 6 22 25 PM

This is the Corned Beef dinner recipe I found a few years ago and will never move on from. It happens for St. Patrick’s Day (more like a week/month of thematic food and drink. Because ‘merica), and at times in the year when I get a jones for Corned Beef. The sweet/bitter mustard and marmalade glaze makes this Corned Beef crackalicious. Plus the veggies keep their own flavors and get jacked up with a butter and horseradish topping. Boil it all if you must, but I feel like the meat and veg always end up a bit one-note compared to this flavor fest.

2. Smoke that baby and thank me later!


Farmer Heidi got Farmer Bruce the Traeger of my dreams for Christmas, so when I was at the farm to get some work done on the west side the other week, it was experimentation station time. I made the above recipe, just using the time and temp instructions from the Traeger cookbook Corned Beef recipe. Also, pro-tip, when a recipe calls for water, use beer. Always use beer. As you might expect, adding smoke to the sweet and savory flavor party is the ultimate turn up to an already rocking good time.

3. This. All of this.

Alexandra Hedin is the Weeknight Party Girl, you can see why. St. Patrick’s Day is on a Tuesday this year (if you want to define it so narrowly on the time-space continuum), so I love her tips use pre-cooked, pre-sliced Corned Beef from the deli to skip right to the Reubens. A green cocktail in one hand and half a Reuben in the other? Yeah, I can get down with that.

4. The Classic Reuben. In review.

Reuben Bite (1)

The Reuben Bite recipe is a great idea for making the classic into a snacky treat for a (green) cocktail party. Or actually any cocktail party. Seriously, why we hit it and quit it the rest of the year is really confusing to me. The Reuben is the kind of sandwich you can serve for dinner without looking like a slacker for serving sandwiches for dinner. It should be in the rotation like other greats — French Dip, meatball sandwiches, and burgers. Says me. Alexandra (click her name for the green Basil Martini recipe!) made us this handy dandy diagram in case you don’t have the Reuben components memorized: rye bread, sauerkraut, cheese, Thousand Island/Russian dressing, thin sliced Corned Beef, and that’s it!


5. American Kobe meets Corned Beef

Photo Mar 13, 4 00 03 PM

We had to hit Costco the other day and I ended up being happier about the whole trip than when we embarked. I must be rubbing off on Rancher because he actually used his hunting and wildlife spotting super-sight powers for culinary good by spying a smoking good deal ($6.99 at the Tri-Cities location) on Snake River Farms American Kobe Corned Beef Round. I have so many hopes and dreams for this uniquely marbled beauty. I’ve never cooked a Corned Beef Round, but the round like the Brisket is a lean (relatively speaking when referring to Kobe-style any cut) cut that begs the same slow cooking time and I’m sure takes the brine nicely. If you want to know how this story turns out, follow me on Instagram @Ranchwifery. I’ll post pics and video of the process this weekend!

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