What’s An Un-Diet and My Why for Weight Loss {After Baby Un-Diet}

The After Baby Un-Diet is all about balance. Balancing my rejection of soul crushing diets with my equal opinion of Spanx. Prioritizing my need to have all the energy I can to be awesome at being Rancher’s better half, a fun mom to my sweet baby girl (RBII, 6 months) and a zany toddler (RB, 2.5 year), and doing great off-ranch and on-ranch work.

Noticeably absent from that list? Six pack abs. Hope Solo’s legs. A marathon PR. A marathon finish. A marathon start. A mud run. Going Paleo. Low-carb. Carb-free. Sugar-free. Gluten-free. Losing XX lbs. in XX days. Many health and fitness programs focus on following a specific diet and revolve around short-term challenges – like training for a big race or seeing how much weight an individual or collective group can lose on a short (30-90 days) diet and exercise program. Moms just like me are tackling really impressive physical challenges and benefiting from it. That is really awesome. It’s just not for me, at least not now. And maybe not ever.

Why? Well, it’s first about my why. As you can see, my big why is my family. Having my future staring at me with those big, bright, take no excuses baby eyes at about 5:00am everyday keeps me thinking about how the hell I’m going to keep up with all the needs my needy little needers need today and everyday. I also gained a lot in a total of 18 months of baby growing. Both weight (about 40 lbs. each time) and insights. The conclusion I came to is this: I am a better me and a better mom when I’m not focused on or obsessed with my weight. This works both ways — it’s just as important to me that I don’t spend a ridiculous amount of time, energy and mental equity on attempting to lose weight as it is that I don’t let extra pounds that can weigh down my energy, confidence, and have negative health implications (heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, etc. no thank you very much), take up residency for too long.

This is precisely why I wanted to work with Chef Kirsten. She is nothing short of amazing. Not in an infomercial kind of way, but in a genuine, real people kind of way. Her mission is to help people who want to improve their health and nutrition “bring more life to the table”. While her knowledge and healthy tips and recipes can help with weight loss, the focus is less on the end-goal and more on edits we can make to our eating and lifestyle habits that can result in maintaining a healthy weight. At the foundation, her approach and this series is about cooking and eating at home as a family more, using real,whole foods. To only touch on her awesomeness – she’s lost and kept off over 100 lbs., beat a Chopped champion on Food Network’s Guy’s Grocery Games, and she’s a personal chef to some of our favorite Seattle Seahawks players and their families. Um yeah, I’m pretty sure she can help me drop the last. five. pounds. I’m so fortunate to have had her by my side over the last six months (and the at least 20 categorically excess post-baby pounds gone), I’m really excited now to share that with you and continue the healthy, tasty journey together!

If you follow along with us over the next six weeks, Here is what you are gonna get:

+ Tips that address the real excuses, I mean reasons that we struggle with healthy eating such as: smart meal planning and grocery shopping (this week), portion control, what to do about “party food”, eating healthy on a budget, making healthy foods convenient, and eating for energy and the nutrients we need.

+ Self-deprecating commentary about my on-camera performance. But hey, nothing wrong with getting out of your comfort zone, right? Plus real time updates on my progress.

+ A new arsenal of healthy recipes using lean beef. No, you don’t have to quit steak to lose weight, genius. That would be problemy for me. But seriously, Chef Kirsten created some really fantastic recipes that show off what lean beef has to offer in a healthy, balanced meal plan AND how it fits into a busy mom life.

+ You have the chance to WIN A YEAR of Chef Kirsten’s Menus by Mesa De Vida service. That’s a menu plan each week for an entire year, each with a shopping list and helpful nutrition information about one of the delicious, seasonal ingredients used in the meals. Enter by any of the following (earning an entry each time):

+ Commenting on the After Baby Un-Diet blog posts

+Commenting on Mesa De Vida and Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner in Washington State Facebook posts about the After Baby Un-Diet.

+ Follow the Ranch Wife Life blog by subscribing with your e-mail address in the upper right corner of the page (no spam, no sales pitches, just an email when I post!)

Chef Kirsten and I were talking, and we both thought man, it would be cool if we ended up building a community of un-dieters that follow along on this journey and share their own experiences. 

So, we’d love to know, when it comes to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, what’s YOUR WHY?

DISCLAIMER: The After Baby Un-Diet is a 6 week series focusing on health and deliciousness! It is a collaboration with Chef Kirsten Helle and the Washington State Beef Commission. Information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace a medical professional’s orders. Information is for entertainment and informational purposes and Chef Kirsten Helle/Mesa de Vida/Washington State Beef Commission/Ranch Wife Life accept no responsibility for how you use it. Videos and recipes are copyright protected. Raw footage edited and produced by Frazer Loveman, 1Love Media. 

12 thoughts on “What’s An Un-Diet and My Why for Weight Loss {After Baby Un-Diet}

  1. I loved this post! More of our “whys” need to family based and health based. I believe in the importance of teaching our children about healthy body image – its important for our daughters AND our sons. That begins with a healthy mom (and dad), and one who is not always on some crazy diet.

  2. It seems to me, as soon as I think diet, I gain weight. So, I eat what I want, when I want. But just in moderation. Not ALL the cookies, just one. Etc.
    great post. I look forward to following along.

  3. Love it, add some sanity and good home cooking with quality family time back into the consciousness of our American life.

    • Exactly Sarah! I’ve found it a little odd that it just felt so important to devote an entire video series to something so simple, but so few people/organizations that are in the health and wellness arena are talking about it in these terms and instead telling people (well, selling) to follow certain diets, making people scared to eat certain foods…It’s pretty bonkers out there! Thanks for your comment!

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