A preview of the After Baby Un-Diet with Chef Kirsten Helle

I think we already know I have a pretty non-existent relationship with New Year’s resolutions. Nothing has really changed there, but something about becoming a parent has made me embrace the concept of constant improvement more than ever before. We take that approach in raising beef, and it’s really the secret to the sustainability of what we do. While I think we’ve all felt like we’ve had “the perfect steak” at one time or another, there’s really no such thing and the pursuit of new and better ways to raise cattle and deliver that flavorful, juicy, marbley cut is what it’s actually all about.

I’ve already digressed into steak dreams, sorry. What I’m trying to explain is that my life today is not what it was as a student — striving for an “A” or that perfect test score. I feel accomplishment now for example, when I notice myself becoming a better parent little by little. When I handle that typical toddler mood swing or mess with more patience and with a better outcome than I did the week before. That’s how I know I’m on the right track. I’ll never get an official transcript from Real Life University, I have to rely on how I feel about my performance as a parent.

And if you told younger me that older me would be so focused on feelings (feelings…eww), younger me would have laughed, and poured you a pint out of my pitcher of Coors Light. But now, how I feel physically, mentally, and in my gut and my heart is a large part of how I decide if I’m winning at life or being owned by the daily challenges. I mean, I’d still like to have a beer with you, and we wouldn’t have to talk about our feelings, but it might come up.

If you noticed, I didn’t mention losing weight or eating or food — save the steak digression, at all here. That’s because starting next week, I’m launching a six week series called the After Baby Un-Diet, which is loaded with healthy cooking and lifestyle info and recipes. Check out the preview video below to see what’s to come.

The full series of six video diaries and six cooking segments will be posted on the WABeef YouTube Channel and I will share a real-time update on the topics we covered and post the full recipes that go with the cooking segments here on the blog. The best way to get all of the great free insight, advice, and healthy lean beef recipes is to follow the blog via email by entering your address in the subscription bar on the upper right side of this page.

The series revolves around how I feel about health and weight loss in my over-30 with two Ranch Babies context. It’s also a great example of the difference between younger me and older me. Instead of being stubborn and just trying to figure it all out on my own, I sought the help and support of a friend who knows a thing or two about building a healthy life and making nutritious and insanely tasty food. She’s Seattle-based Chef Kirsten Helle, nutrition consultant, personal chef, and a mom herself.

Head over to her website MesadeVida.com to learn more about her — including her own 100 pound weight loss journey and her adventures as personal chef to several of our beloved Seattle Seahawks stars (like that time she taught sexy Seahawk TE Cooper Helfet how to cook steak). Her advice and recipes have been so helpful to me over the last six months, I am so excited to get to share it all with you. All of the episodes we created are about five minutes or less, so if you’re looking for practical ways to improve the meals you are putting on the table, this should be a quick way for you to get some new ideas and inspiration too!

As always, this blog is intended to be a conversation, so please share your thoughts on the topics in the comments!

DISCLAIMER: The After Baby Un-Diet is a 6 week series focusing on health and deliciousness! It is a collaboration with Chef Kirsten Helle and the Washington State Beef Commission. Information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace a medical professional’s orders. Information is for entertainment and informational purposes and Chef Kirsten Helle/Mesa de Vida/Washington State Beef Commission/Ranch Wife Life accept no responsibility for how you use it. Videos and recipes are copyright protected. Raw footage edited and produced by Frazer Loveman, 1Love Media. 

2 thoughts on “A preview of the After Baby Un-Diet with Chef Kirsten Helle

  1. You not only look and sound great on camera Bridget, the backdrop is my favorite view, and the video is great! Also, looking forward to the series!

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