Cutting hay and making a pizza roll

Yesterday I was kind of busy with worky stuff, but I also wanted Rancher to think I am awesome at wifey stuff. But I’m kind of off my meal planning game and I had a frozen brick of ground beef and elk meat on the counter driving that point home for me. (Don’t do this. Always defrost meat in the fridge. Safety first.)

Determined to take Rancher a hot lunch, I pre-heated the oven and started tossing stuff out of the fridge like a cartoon character 10 minutes before I needed to join a conference call (the kind you really need to pay attention and contribute to).


This is what I found:

Deli roast beef
Refrigerated pizza dough
Frozen shredded cheese
Salad dressing
Some fantastic local tomatoes
Sliced Mushrooms
And psych on the onion, I didn’t have time to chop that!

I needed something green, so I ripped open this microwave ready bag of chopped kale (a vegetable I did not previously have on my résumé, but I usually thrive in uncharted territory, except for the first time I cooked with a can of chipotle peppers in Adobo sauce. Ouchy!). Luckily, the Hail Mary paid off.


I spread all that stuff out on the dough and then rolled it up and pinched the ends so it was enclosed. I popped it in the oven on a baking sheet at 350 degrees as my conference call began. Fifty six minutes later, call ended, lunch wrapped in foil. Ten minutes later, RB dressed enough and locked in car seat, ready to roll.

When we pulled up to the hay ranch we saw Rancher and the swather outside the shop, not in the field. Boo. Starting to think we would be trading the hot lunch for a cranky Rancher instead of a ride. But as you can see in the Vine vid, we did get a ride! And hay was cut and fun was had!

Verdict on the Pizza-Rolled Roast Beef and Kale? A full-mouthed thumbs up from Rancher.


In summary: deli roast beef + pizza dough = hot lunch on the go ranch style. The end.


4 thoughts on “Cutting hay and making a pizza roll

    • I think we like it. It was pretty good in the pizza sandwich, but in a perfect world, I would have had a green pepper laying around instead. I sauteed the rest of it with the flavored butter that came in the pack and had it with the stroganoff for dinner. I bought it at the store because it looked interesting. It made a good side dish. We’d probably have it again.

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