Baby and the Beef: An update

Steak baby Lol

The kid is a carnivore! This blog kicked off with Ranch Baby’s first taste of beef. He’s come a long way since then.  Turns out, a steak bone is a spectacular teething aid. This is a win for everyone, except for maybe the Border Collie waiting outside the door for said table scraps. She’ll just have to wait for it. What’s the saying? “When RB is happy, everybody happy.”

One half a tooth closer to getting my very OWN steak at dinner time!

One half a tooth closer to getting my very OWN steak at dinner time!

Other developments on the baby-needs-protein front:

One way I’ve added beef to the DIY baby food menu is by reserving some seasoned ground beef (with stuff like basil and garlic, diced onions, celery, and carrots) before adding tomato sauce ingredients (and wine!) for a spaghetti dinner. I puree the seasoned ground beef in the blender, adding broth if necessary  Then I freeze in ice cube trays like I do with other items like avocado, sweet potatoes, squash, peas & carrots, you name it. After it is frozen, I pop the servings out and into a labeled freezer bag. I usually defrost and mix a beef pod together with a veggie pod. RB digs it.

I don’t make all of RB’s food. And when we end up on the road, I go to the go-to Gerber food.

RB digs this one.

RB digs this one.

Jarred baby food isn’t much to look at, but at least this variety doesn’t smell weird. I wish I could say the same for the all of them, especially the “(Insert Meat Type) & Gravy” kind. Oy. Stings the nostrils. Never again.

I see nothing objectionable here.

I see nothing objectionable here. But I do see a fair amount of Protein, Iron, and Zinc!

Click here for a review on recommended nutrient intake for ze babies. Afterall, RB needs the nutrition for energy to supervise what is going on with the cattle at the corrals!

Where's my boots?

Where’s my boots?

What are some of the tips and tricks you’ve employed to get your kids the nutrition they need?

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