About This Blog

About the Blog:

I’m Bridget. Beef makes my world go ‘round. If I’m not talking about beef, writing about beef, raising beef, dreaming about beef, cooking beef, eating beef, or doing the related dishes, then I’m probably sleeping. Or cheating on it with bacon. Or cheese.

On this blog, I plan to share stories and images about how we raise beef cattle out here in rural Eastern Washington. I also plan to share what goes down in my kitchen because I’m a wife, mom, and home-cook just like many of you who spend valuable moments of your time online trolling for and exchanging ideas and recipes. As you might expect, I’m slinging beef, several times a week.

I hope to rope in some of my mom-wife-rancher compatriots to do the same as contributors to this blog. There is a lot of knowledge and a lot of great beef stories out here on the rangelands, pastures, and feed yards of Washington that I hope you’ll find interesting, illuminating and helpful to you as you make choices about beef.

Most of all, I hope this blog becomes a conversation. A real two-way conversation about beef between people who raise it and people who eat it. A conversation about food isn’t trivial, it isn’t a waste of time. What we choose to eat and to feed our families is a deeply personal decision, one that could have an impact on our long term health and quality of life.
It’s our responsibility to provide safe, high-quality beef to the candle-lit restaurant, the fluorescent-lit grocery meatcase, and your family dinner table, day in and day out. It’s also our responsibility to answer your questions about beef when you ask them. Hence, ze blog.

Please use post comment threads or use the contact information to submit your questions and curiosities about beef!

About me:

I grew up a farm kid in the city, on a 40ish acre spread near Kent, WA where my parents still raise cattle and crops. Since 2010 I’ve been working for Washington’s beef community at the Washington State Beef Commission where I get to focus on bridging the gap of communication, knowledge and understanding between Washington’s farmers & ranchers and Washington’s eaters (it’s a two way street, y’all).

In 2011, I married my husband “The Rancher” and continue my work at the commission from the Bar U Ranch near Benge, WA. The Bar U is a 4th generation ranching operation my husband and I work with his family. It is situated in the ancient-flood chiseled Channeled Scablands of Eastern Washington. It is a unique, breathtaking environment well suited for grazing bovines. And deer. And hawks and eagles and owls. And groundhogs. And cottontails. And rattle snakes. Out here, nature can unfold before your eyes, and startle you if you’re not looking for it!

The Rancher and I rep'ing our family brands before we got hitched

The Rancher and I rep’ing our family Brands before we got hitched

What the ranch does not have is high speed internet. Or Thai takeout within 60 miles. Or any such luxuries I might have been accustomed to in Seattle. I run this bad boy from a satellite internet connection and an iPhone. Through a cell phone booster in the living room. If I stand in just the right place, that connection is alright. This blog and I live at the intersection of technology and rural life, and I dig both.

Photo by Carly Meline

We’ve got big sky. Photo by Carly Meline

4 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. We had tasty shredded beef tacos for lunch today made with a hanging tender rubbed with taco seasoning and put in the crock pot with about 1/2 cup of salsa. Even skinny John had seconds. nummy

  2. I love your story, and would love to see rural Washington—someday I may come knocking at your door 🙂 Until then, keep up the good work promoting beef.

    All the best from Nebraska,

    • Thanks Anne! Please, come visit!!! Your blog is helping us tell the beef story out here in Washington where we have a lot of consumers, who have a lot of questions!


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